The members of the »Harmonie« Lippertsreute music society come from the village of Lippertsreute and the nearby hamlets of Bambergen, Deisendorf and Tüfingen. The four villages lie in the southernmost part of Germany - close to the former Free Imperial City of Überlingen - not far from Lake Constance.

The society has about 400 members, of whom about 100 are regularly active. The society comprises a main band, a youth band and small novices bands. As well as the regular practice sessions, the society plays each year at numerous religious and secular events and presents its own concerts. Also concert tours are arranged, recently, for example, the band visited a number of times Switzerland and Budapest/Hungary, Chantilly/France, Lecco/Italy, Eschen/Principality of Liechtenstein, Prague/Czechia, Vienna/Austria, Upper Silesia/Poland or Roma/Italy and Santa Maria della Pietà/Vatican.

The band has a long history of playing brass music to look back on. In 1861 a four man band was founded and quickly developed into an impressive orchestra which, since 1972, plays in the categories "Mittelstufe/Oberstufe" (medium/highest grade). Fifty musicians play in the Musikkapelle »Harmonie« Lippertsreute under the conductorship of Uwe Keller since 2012.

A self supporting youth band was formed in 1976. Since 2016 the forty musicians in the youth band Jugendkapelle »Harmonie« Lippertsreute have been playing under the leadership of Oliver Keller. The future of both bands is secured by a further 30 up-and-coming musicians who play in the novices bands.

Bernd Sprissler occupies the chairman position in the management board and leads this music society since 2022.